Wednesday, August 1, 2012

K-cup reviews: Brooklyn Bean Roastery Cyclone

So, I basically got all of this company's regular flavors in my sample pack.  This company looks interesting.  For one thing, they have extra bold medium roasts as well as dark roasts.  I've seen this on a few coffees but not many K-cups.  They also only can be ordered online, but are relatively cheap.  So what's a Cyclone?  Apparently, it's a roller coaster on Conney Island.   This one's supposed to be an extra bold dark roast with an espresso kick.

Outsides:  Brooklyn Bean Roastery doesn't do anything with their K-cups to make them special.  However, one thing I noticed when brewing this is how dark the coffee was when it dripped down.  Most of them are kind of tan colored but this was dark.  It smells like it does have a hint of espresso to it.

Insides:  So, this one's a little interesting.  It starts off fairly bland for the first second or so, but build up with this smoky and sweet flavor.  I don't know if I'd call this Extra Bold, but it is a nice man-coffee without being in your face about it.  I've brewed espresso in the Keurig before, and after this, I might just mix it with my coffee.  

Overall:  It's not quite as robust as I would have liked it, but it's still very nice and I recommend it for people who like coffee espresso blends.  And it lives up to it's name, giving a roller coaster of flavors and a nice ride.

My Rating:  Try it!  I'll give you their official website:  Brooklyn Bean Roastery Products

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  1. Hmm, sounds like one of the K-cups I would be willing to try. Thanks for the review.