Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trader Joe's Joe coffee

Let's make this clear.  I got this super cheap coffee for the BF.  He used to not care about what kind of coffee he drank until I started using my press.  I try to use single-source beans at least.  I might get some roasted from the local coffee shop.  But when I buy crappy coffee, I buy it for him.

He is starting to tell what is "good" coffee and what it "bad" coffee, so there might be hope for him yet.

Outsides:  Trader Joes Joe is supposed to be an incredibly smooth cup of coffee and a medium roast, but there isn't as much flowery language involved as with the Bali Blue Moon.  It smells like a lot of cheap coffees, robust with a nice roasty topnote and a bitter bottom note.  I put 3 tablespoons in 10 oz of water for slightly less than 4 minutes.  It looks like coffee and smells like cheap coffee.

Inside:  This one definately has a fuller body than the Bali one with a pleasant roasty note.  It's still fairly bitter meaning I might have to reduce the steeping time by another 30 seconds but the other flavors do a better job at masking it.  It actually finishes cleanly.  Although I can think of individually-sourced coffee that does a better job in terms of flavor, this one isn't too bad for something on the super cheap spectrum.

Tilt:  This coffee is $4.99 for 14 oz at Trader Joes so it's pretty riddiculously cheap even if you have to use a bit extra to make it acceptable.  It's a decent blend to have around for those people like my boyfriend who just don't give two rat's butts about how it tastes.  It's also strong enough that you might be able to make an ok iced coffee with it.

Overall:  I mean, Trader Joes does give a full refund if you're not satisfied so what's the worst that can happen?

My Rating:  Try it!

Trader Joe's aka. Yuppie Mart is a grocery store that's fairly overrated.  It's not too expensive though so check it out.

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